Rafi’s Report for Monday,31 Jan 2011

Rafi’s Report for Monday,31 Jan 2011

Report made by Ms Yessi

#Focus of the week :
– Theme : Occupation
– Own Skills : Sit Properly

#Today’s Activity
– concept : Shape
– Main activity :
*Cutting Lines ->completed
* Maze -> completed

#Rafi’s Mood today : Happy (he will be happy all the time met all of his friends and his fav pretty teacher,he loves to go to school every day)

#Teacher’s Note :
Rafi was able to complete all his tasks but he still needs more practise to cut lines nicely and we’re still working on him to be more sharing toys when he was playing

# Ibu luky’s notes :
I certainly agree Ms.Yessi,please teach Rafi to be able for sharing his belongings (toys,snack and others ) to others friends,please teach him for not being self centre and willing to share somethings with others respectfully…

Thanks You miss…

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2 Responses to Rafi’s Report for Monday,31 Jan 2011

  1. Hety Nurhayati says:

    Mba Luky, boleh kenalan gk?
    Saya Hety.
    Saya berencana ingin masukin anak saya ke keen kids. tp msh full aja
    boleh sharing mba, gmana daycare keenkids
    Makasih sebelumnya

    • hii mba hety…duh maluuu bgt deh…ga buka2 blog kelamaan deh…

      aku juga wait list dulu mba…trs rajin2 telpon update status waiting list kita..hehehe
      alhamdulillah ada yng kosong…

      masih minat kah?kayanya ada yang vacant deh..kemarin ada yang keluar…

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