I’m just such ordinary women,but اَلْحَمْدُلِلّهِ being bless by اَللّهُ SWT with a plenty and much more blessing,gift in each single day of my life…

A working mom married with a lovable kindly men ever met- Mahendra Dahoklory – and being blessed with a handsome boy who is now has been 2Y5M (born @YPK hospital on 4 Sept 2008)-named M.Rafi Kiendra Dahoklory-a name given with a lot of pray on its meaning..

Muhamad : May اَللّهُ bless my boys to be able to follow the most prophet Nabi Muhammad SAW..with all of his greatest thought and how the way his live …آَمِيّـٍـِـنْ يَآرَبْ آلٌعَآلَمِِيِنْ

Rafi : taken from Asmaul husna ,Al Raaf which have a meaning of ‘Maha mengangkat derajat Manusia’

Kiendra : combine nick name of his parents

Dahoklory : Fathers name as a family name

The whole meaning of praying on Rafi name’s – M.Rafi Kiendra Dahoklory – :

May Rafi can be a sholeh boy that can held out his parents degree seeing on اَللّهُ SWT way,following a greatest character of our most prophet nabi Muhamad SAW and being a proud of the whole big family…آَمِيّـٍـِـنْ يَآرَبْ آلٌعَآلَمِِيِنْ


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